One Week Later: Maxo Kream’s “Brandon Banks”


In our One Week Later series, we take the time to revisit our favorite albums seven days after its release. This is due to the high influx of music flooding the streams on a constant basis, but it also gives us a chance to highlight the music deserving of the spotlight. This week it’s all about H-Town’s Maxo Kream dropping off his sophomore album Brandon Banks.

After Punken, Maxo had some serious notoriety, but the reach was only extended further with this release. He’s already an underground king with classic verses on songs like “Fetti”, “Mars” and “Cell Boomin”. His own personal catalog is full of tales from his childhood and details the darker truth of the streets. These 14 cuts take us on a chaotic stroll through Kream’s mind and daily life. His poignant narration is unlike anything the world has seen because of his sheer authenticity.

This project has features from Travis Scott, Megan The Stallion, Schoolboy Q and his own brother KCG Josh, so Maxo got some solid assists from some of the hottest artists in the game. With production from Mike Dean, Teej, Kal Banx, Smash David, D.A. Doman, Apex Martin, Ryan ESL, Chuck Inglish, Zaytoven, Chasethemoney, and Supah Mario, this instrumentation will feed the fix of any bass-head.

“Meet Again” is a magnificent way to start off this project because of the energy that it procures. Maxo’s precise pockets that his flows in, keep us on the edge of our seat. He wants you to follow these streets scriptures, and pay attention down to the most minor of details.

Family and self-identity are two themes that come shine through on this album. On “Dairy Ashford Bastard” Maxo walks us through his tumultuous relationship with his Father. Though his dad and he have been through their fair share of ups and downs, Kream still loves his father and appreciates him for what he taught him in life.

“She Live” with Meg will be in rotation in for a while and it seems like Maxo and The Stallion have some great musical chemistry. Also Meg doesn’t hold back on the flow just because it’s not her song, that woman went off. “3Am” is the personal favorite because of how Kream sets the scene and Schoolboy finishes the job. Maxo only wants to work with people who are actual friends and fans of his music. You can tell by the end product that we see here today.

Now a cut like “Spice Ln.” is almost like an (alleged) play-by-play to a lick in the past.  After they acquire their oppositions said goods, it was time to flood the streets and a beautiful come-up ensues for our hero. It’s not meant to glamorize this type of lifestyle, but it’s to shed light on how far Maxo has come in his lifetime.

Music like this energizes you, but it tells a story that may not be like yours in the slightest. We all have different problems and come from different bloodlines, but music can be the common ground that we all deem our sanctuary. Maxo Kream put his all into this album and you can feel it with the sundry of waves. Brandon Banks is a really solid album that will go down as one of the most special of 2019.


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