Open Palm Slap


My uncle is a rich man. We had times when we were cool, but the relationship has decayed over the past two years. Not much of a surprise but true colors are being shown, especially in places that no one asked to show them. It’s funny to me that hateful bigots assume people share their views on the world. We neither care about what you say nor believe, but it’s incredibly bold for you to speak on these views thinking we’d just play along.

And see here’s the thing, I know he doesn’t respect me and the feeling is mutual. But having such a brash view of the world and playing the victim as a 60-something multi-millionaire is the saddest thing of all. You won capitalism and you still spew dumb comments about race and who deserves what in the world. The presence of my 97-year-old grandmother deterred me from acting on anything, so I guess I’m proud of not ruining the evening. But here’s what it all comes down to, no one asked. Next time we can throw hands and some open-palm slaps.

Three65 – Freaks Calling

Three65 is one of Ohio’s brightest of stars, but his sound and talents will take him farther than the state’s borders. In these frames for “Freaks Calling” we see our protagonist bleed his talents all over the instrumentation. His music is filled with lustful passion and you hear him leave it all on the pavement. His register is unique, but that’s what wins us over with his mighty pen.

Lily Rayne – Girl On Rhode

Lily is so fucking talented and it’s mind-blowing that her wave isn’t bigger already. But thats fine because she will continue to deliver great music with each release. Girl On Rhode is ten songs of smokey, soothing bliss, but she conquers a variety of instrumentation in the meantime. “Southside”, “Coup Aint Got No Friends”, and “Everything is Fake” are my personal favorites but this is a stellar installment in Rayne‘s career.

MHPG Sound – Sound or Drown

This is what New York should sound like and the good people over MHPG Sound dropped off their collective opus called Sound Or Drown. Executive producers Matthew Ali, Cash Cobain, Mali Smith and XIX98 all know their camps talents and this project is a cohesive example of that. With shining appearances from Chow Lee, Cash, Lonny Love, Briz!, Mali, Flee, 2219 Lee, Spaceli, Babynolakkin, 16yrold, Coastal, Sliick, Nat Carlos, and Tennisboywill, you get an Allstar cast of rising names. This is who I’m putting my money on to change the wave of New York music from here on out.The tempo is high, the sample flips are unreal, so tap into the gas above.

Tino Szn – Zetsu

Tino has beaten the Uzi-clone allegations and continues to build his catalog. “Zestu” is big, bold, and triumphant. The bellowing percussion melds incredibly well with Tino and his cadence. Not an over-thought set of visuals, instead they allow the viewer to focus on Szn‘s new approach to cadence. Get hip or get left behind.

Obrigado – VV

Obrigado always gift off-kilter styling coming out of left-field, but it’s always refreshing when they drop. “VV” is the title this go round and you really have to applaud this duo for making visuals a priority. There’s only so much a song can do, but when you pair it with some top-tier shots, you’ll never lose momentum. Obrigado does just that and demands your eyes and ears for three minutes and thirty-nine seconds. Shout to the bros as they continue to pave their own path!

Morgan Gold – MIDAS

Morgan is a Chicago songstress who brims with confidence and a distinct style. Her newest project MIDAS shows shades of her authentic vocal abilities. What really wins me over on this one was the beat selection. Though it doesn’t outshine her voice, it only accents the skillset. “Outta Sight” and “Big Bang!” stand out, but not one song lags behind the prowess of the others. This one is worth the time, so peep it all above.

Kiddo Dust- For worse or for better

Kiddo Dust has more of an alternative style, but good music is good music until the end of times. “for worse or for better” will win over your hearts and make for a memorable drum and bass moment. Love that kids are getting more into this sped-up percussive culture because it adds zest and much-needed energy to modernized pop. Kiddo Dust might be a name to know in these upcoming months, so give this one a chance.


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