Ot7Quanny Links With Sleazyworld Go For “Trapped Out”


As a Philadelphian who’s a huge street rap fan, I’ve been waiting far too long for someone outside the city to cosign Ot7Quanny. Sleazyworld Go and the Philly native’s new track “Trapped Out” blend what both artists do best: simple flows with clever punchlines and many bankrolls. The duo glides effortlessly over an instrumental from Quanny‘s go-to producer Pyro-Z5.

The video is also shot by three of my favorite up-and-coming directors in Philadelphia’s Ish Productions, Tayy Official, Skeet Production, as well as the DMV’s Perfect Timing Media Group. Ish, Skeet, and Tayy have probably shot 90% of the biggest videos to come out of the city of brotherly love within the past 5 years and seeing them collaborate made high school Avi very happy. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more from Ot7Quanny and Sleazyworld Go!


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