Pasto Flocco Continues 2022 Flood With “My Fault”


Pasto Flocco has been a staple in the New York underground scene for the last couple of years. Here in 2022, the young phenom has released quality music at a pace few people can keep up with. Pasto has released three projects this year so far (GLE presents: #Roam, March Madness 2, and The Walking Glitch) as well as several singles & multiple guest verses.

The flood continues with Pasto‘s latest release, a single titled “My Fault,” which was released last week. Over this Wip and Metz produced instrumental, Pasto takes to the booth to vent about a complicated relationship, and taking responsibility, something genuine and has connected with fans. “My Fault” is on all streaming platforms, and be on the lookout for new music from Pasto Flocco coming soon. Check it out.


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