Patrick CC Delivers His New Compilation Project Called “Launch Sequence”


My favorite YouTuber Patrick CC has given us a project that we all needed. I’ve been watching Patrick for a while now, and he’s easily one of the best music-based YouTube channels out there. He highlights underground hip-hop and pop artists that deserve a bigger platform. I’ve known that he would be putting out a project he executive produced for a while, but boy, has he over-delivered on Launch Sequence. Patrick shows his abilities to create cohesive tracks with some of the underground’s most promising artists. Being able to showcase each musician’s unique and best talents on every record.

On this project, we see Beamto Dad Bodito even the late Cloudy Nueve! This project gives us a complete idea of who we should be listening to and backs it up with excellent music. My favorite tracks from Launch Sequence are “Black Hole Sun”, “Movin’ too Risky” and “Don’t Know My Name”. This album is packed with rising talents that you should know, check it out below! 


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