Playboi Carti Unleashes Rebellion in new ‘R.I.P’ Music Video


As he’s grown to become one of the figure heads of the new youth lead hip-hop movement, Playboi Carti has constantly pulled from punk rock, both sonically and aesthetically, to recreate its aggressive anti-authoritarian messaging that acts as the spark to the gasoline lying on the floor. With his new video for “R.I.P.,” off his latest album Die Lit, Carti has continued to cement himself as an icon of everything today’s rap stands for and for the rage that resides inside the juvenile minds of America. The Nick Walker directed video is a gorgeously shot mosh pit of fists and freedom, overflowing with teens straight out of the 70’s, yet all centred by Carti himself as he acts as the gateway that merges old and new generations through their related displeasure for society.


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