Ponchoroyyel – Tarzan


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.29.00 PM

So, I was slick just red-eyed cruisin’ through my Twitter timeline, and peeped that some DMV cats are doing this #LFCYBERMONDAY thing, which is (from what I can tell) a series of songs that’ll be coming out today from those in La Familia—a fusion of the GramFam and CHESS collectives. Next up is Ponchoroyyel, someone who I’ve heard once or twice before on features, but will definitely be paying more attention to now. His newest track, “Tarzan” is a smooth, melodic cut that features production from Ponch and rMell as well as some quality verses from the former. If I’m not mistaken that’s also him singing on this joint, which is what impressed me the most.

Overall, I really dig this track. Give it a spin below & catch more Ponchoroyyel here (hopefully) soon.

Long live hip hop.



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