Poundside Pop Delivers New Music Video For “Money & Problems”


Poundside Pop’s eclectic music style is the perfect blend between sounds of Philly street rap and others in the same region who lean on the artsy, psyched out side of things. Poundside is also great at contrasting his relaxed flow and street persona with drawn out psychedelic production. He is coming off of a surprising Trippie Redd Cosign, and a deluxe version of his most recent album, Wock and Roll (Purple Edition) which features notable appearances from Philly mixtape legend, DJ Drama.

“Money and Problems” is certainly one of the highlights of the Wock and Roll project. It features a bubbly synth loop that dances its way around Poundside’s more serious lyrics about problems that he has presumably faced from enemies, women, and friends following his increase in wealth. The visuals revolve around a lavish home and exotic car, along with an occasional ripple effect of lightning striking below him. There are also sudden instances of hazy purple lighting that pair up well with Poundside Pop’s lean-inspired aesthetic. Check out the carefully crafted visuals for Poundside Pop’s fire new track, “Money and Problems,” below.


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