Premiere: DJ Smokey – Codeine Demonz Volume 2 [Mixtape]


My man DJ Smokey and all of us here at Daily Chiefers are proud to present to you, the early release of Codeine Demonz Volume 2.

DJ Smokey has been hyping up this tape for some time now, which included an exclusive interview with our good buddies at No Jumper. Smokey, in addition to dropping this sick tape, also took it upon himself to drop a sick comic book with it. You can find the artist for the comic book on Instagram at @flynnryanart, or by clicking here. I included to comic book below, and it is downloadable on DJ Smokey’s Soundcloud. I can’t stress how fucking sick this comic book and EP are, the style of the comic fits so well with the sound of Codeine Demonz Volume 2. I don’t want to ramble, so enjoy. #PositiveSquad



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