Premiere: Sad Generation Shares His Vision w/ a New Video For, “idontwannagooutside”


The ever-melodic artist, Sad Generation lives up to his hype once again with his new video for, “idontwannagooutside”.

Thanks to his hypnotic flow and seamless rhyme scheme, this song is an instant favorite and one of the best examples of his talents that this Florida artist has delivered yet. By tapping into his ability to create gripping, yet relatable lyricism and describing the growing feelings of anxiety about the dangers of the world we live in, Sad Generation has no trouble crafting a song that connects with listeners and pull them into the video right beside him. Once in this world we are subjected to a short film about those fears invading our very lives and how, in the end, nowhere may be safe.

Check in with him now and watch this expertly executed vision from the very eyes of Sad Generation.


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