PRhyme Interrupt Phonte Interview


A few days ago, right before the New Year, theSTASHED was interviewing Phonte on Black Dynamite when suddenly PRhyme unexpectedly walked in, mid-session.

DJ Premier also mentions a bonus album with extra tracks is in the works, which is supposedly due out sometime in February, although he won’t disclose who the features are. PRhyme is out now.

UPDATE: Woah, so apparently during a chop up sesh with New York Observer, DJ Premier revealed that MF DOOM was one few to be featured on the forthcoming deluxe edition. Niooce.

The album’s doing really good. We’re shooting a video for every song on it and Royce and I are hitting the road in February. We’re also getting ready to release the deluxe version with three to five new cuts on it. I can’t name all of the artists on it, but we’ve got MF Doom on one. We’re putting that out on 45-inch box set and digital.


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