Protect Your Neck


Another round of layoffs in media and another day of wondering how much longer this game can be played. Yes we love what we do at chiefers and we’ll always be there for the people. But it hurts to see colleagues lose their livelihoods. Well today is today and we will prep for tomorrow but in the meantime here’s a solid three pack of music you should definitely be tapped into.

Guy – “Had Enough”
Guy is back yet again with more quality music and this one is more of an R&B feel. Nonetheless, this young man is showcasing how to continuously drop heat without missing a step. Following up “Okay!” with a song about your ex is a bold move but very relatable. Also you can sense Guy‘s real movement regarding his variety of styling. He can rap, he can song-write and his vision is becoming steadily more clear. From the jump this young man showcases precise croons and lush vocals for the ear to get lost in. Don’t sleep on Guy, he’s really up next.

Mannydior – “Wealth”
This one was also sent to me by a trusted ear and it was definitely worth the while. Mannydior shines bright on his new cut called “Wealth”. The energy is quite infectious from the jump and showcases how much potential brims at the seams of this sound. With an incredibly catchy chorus and tonality that sounds like Travis Scott in his prime, “Wealth” is just a real flex. This feels like a metaphorical high step into the end zone, with just enough arrogance. Not only does Manny do a wondrous job of keeping us paying attention throughout the duration of the song, but it’s a real energetic breath of fresh air. Don’t sleep on Mannydior, he’s onto something serious.

Meechy718 – “Lazer Tag”
This one is a real Westside feeling but it comes BK representative. Love to hear a different shade of NYC beat selection and it also must be applauded that Meechy718 isn’t afraid to go against the grain. His tonality is confident, his raps are precise and seamless as well. Another thing the ear recognizes is the fact that this isn’t a new unseasoned song just thrown onto streaming services. It feels like Meechy has been fine-tuning his sound making this one just another notch in the belt. Solid bop for spring to make the people move a bit. Don’t sleep and peep it all below.


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