Q’Raun Laments Hardship but Remains Optimistic and Ambitious on New Single, “Drained Roses”


Washington, D.C. raised artist Q’Raun is making his debut in our pages today with his new track “Drained Roses,” which features him lamenting over relationship struggles in his life, but how he remains optimistic nonetheless, beaming a sense of ambition and self-assuredness with each bar. The instrumental has a specific old-school quality about it as it is driven by a regal string sample and crisp percussion that leaves a backdrop for Q’Raun to work over with a particularly inspiring tone. His love for music began before he even considered recording as his time writing poetry as a child and teen while living with his beloved grandmother and developed a love for being a wordsmith and has never let this gift go to waste. I really enjoyed this track and hope to hear more from Q’Raun soon.


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