Undiscovered Gems: Reggie Becton Takes Us Back A Few Decades With His Sultry New Video For “Listenin”


This is another stellar example of scrolling the timeline and paying attention to what sounds great. Today’s lesson is on Reggie Becton and class I would like to express the sheer talent that flows from these visuals. Not only is this like a vivid time machine to the early 2000’s, but the sounds are rich, passionate lyrics to win over Becton‘s potential lover. Reggie can croon to say the very least, but his melodies remind the ear of a familiar time that we all miss.

Channeling these styles of yesteryear, this guy puts his own twist on things, all while making our ears hit a little jig. With direction from himself, Moy and Megan Jordan, you get a solid blend of both feminine and masculine energies. The lust for one another is separated between a metaphorical wall, which could be communication, commitment or one of the world’s vast other problems. But whatever the divide is, it has wrenched out some magnificent tunes for the world to digest. Shout to Reggie Becton, this is some seriously good shit, so don’t sleep on what we post. Peace.


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