Rico Nasty and BKtherula Team Up for “Vaderz” Music Video


Rico Nasty and BKtherula team up for “Vaderz” music video. Let me just start by saying this link up is long overdue so I’m hyped we finally got it. There’s no denying that Rico Nasty and BKtherula are two of the most impactful/ hard hitting females in music right now. With this hyper rock mind bending beat produced by Ben10k and Danes Blood the two waste no time coming in over it absolutely spazzing. Bringing so much energy both of the artists bounce off of each other so well. Going verse for verse, this duo is something we needed for so long. 

For the video Marco Alexander shot and edited it without wasting a single second. Starting with the two on a VHS camera you can already hear and see how these two match each other so well which sets the bar high and they jumped way over it. I would describe this song as organized chaos and that’s exactly what the video is too. The scenes are constantly changing along with the colors making it a sensory trip that portrayed the song perfectly. Rico and BK are two goats in the making, so hyped about this song. 




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