Rising Atlanta rapper Li Jefe drops off his confrontational new visual for “Tuff Now”


It’s no secret that Atlanta, Georgia has had a surplus of musical talent for decades now and America’s transportation hub has delivered the world numerous stars and underground gems that have captivated millions and innovated the sounds of rap music forever. On an almost weekly basis new exciting artists emerge from the shadows armed with their unique southern drawl and distinctive swagger they approach their music with.

Recently one of the latest examples, Li Jefe released his new visual for “Tuff Now” which is one of the best releases yet from a rising talent that whether in this year or the next is poised to make the leap from being notable within his scene to a bonafide rising mainstream star like many of his peers have. Amir Dolphin brought this visual to life like so many others and captures Jefe in a dynamic new visual as Jefe skates over the up-tempo instrumental driven by a fast-paced acoustic melody underscored by trunk-thumping percussion. I’m eager to see what Li Jefe follows this visual with and am excited to see what else he has in store for the remainder of 2022.


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