ROYSMITH Impresses Again With Jaw-Dropping New Visual


ROYSMITH is a name that has flown under the radar for a minute now. After only beginning to release music two years ago, ROYSMITH has since pulled in the reigns leaving only his staple releases, I Don’t Wanna Feel Pain and Torrio live on subscription-based streaming services. Past taking a brief hiatus from releasing music after signing with HIGH STANDARDzROYSMITH strategically teamed up with creative legend, Spencer Miller to complete a jaw-dropping new visual on the aforementioned, Torrio, which bleeds brilliance.

When it comes to outrageously creative visuals that slap you in the face every single time, Spencer Miller reigns king. From the atmospheric instrumental and ROYSMITH‘s crisp, dark vocal effect, Spencer Miller matches the tone bringing you an outstanding visual experience that sucks you in from the very first frame. While fans continue to passionately compare the young star’s creative aesthetic and sound to the likes of Travis Scott and Post MaloneROYSMITH continues to prove himself as a diamond in the rough.

His ability to attack all of his records in exponentially different ways while also producing everything in its entirety is quite impressive. In fact, rumor has it there is some even more unbelievable tune in the works, so you definitely won’t want to be late to the game once his whole sound blows up.

Check out his new visual below and keep up with him on Instagram and Twitter! While only his staple records are available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, his past bangers are still up on his SoundCloud where he frequently posts unreleased fire as well.


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