Rx YP Delivers Abstract Anthems On “YP Meets Gunna”


Rx YP has become a fixture of Atlanta’s underground scene through his frequent collaborations with pioneering artists like Baby Plug and Rx Peso. YP has spent the better part of the past year incarcerated, but he was able to record his new EP YP Meets Gunna during a brief period of freedom last summer. The six-track project, produced entirely by Rx Brainstorm, offers a compelling glimpse of YP’s impressionistic style.

YP’s music possesses the playful spontaneity of a late-night freestyle session. His verses unfurl in fits and starts, and he fleshes out his ideas through imaginative repetition. “I shoot that choppa for an hour / Whip out that choppa for problems / Whip out that choppa to solve ‘em / Whip out that .30 revolver,” he mutters on “Fresh Out”, relishing the percussive force of his consonants. Bolstered by Brainstorm’s swirling production, YP Meets Gunna renders familiar themes in abstract colors.


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