Sainvil Gifts The World A Breathtaking New EP Aptly Titled “2020 Was Hijacked”


Sainvil has such a unique register and vocal tone, that the ear can’t help but be intrigued by it’s complexities. This guy can pen some hits, the world just hasn’t caught onto the wave yet. Though, with the reveal of his new EP 2020 Was Hijacked, Sainvil is one step closer to growing notoriety.

“Boxed In” with Boogie portrays the reality of being black in America. Instead of straying away from the elephant in the room, these two speak on what the rest of us need to hear. These moving visuals take images from our 2020 that will be seared into our brains forever. It’s bold to start off a project like this, but true art aims right for our emotions and doesn’t hold back when things get intense.

“Same Same” features production from AR, John Luther, Nick Bane and Keymaster, so it’s another example of how this project truly a team effort. The sultry instrumentation from the keys to the electric guitar all meld in a cohesive manner. Percussive subtleties build pockets for Sainvil‘s vocal cadence to shine at it’s greatest. “Sweet” is another instance proving my previous statement on his diverse approach. The playful runs in an almost yelling manner break up the monotony in a brilliant manner.

With additional production from rising maestros like Eightsarewild, Mike Hector, Charlie Shuffler and Williskeating, all add their rich sets of talents to this compilation of sounds. This is what happens when you gather a group of friends with musical knowledge and passion, then allow the mood to handle the rest. Sainvil is building a catalog to get you through the rest of your days, while developing an aptitude for writing smashes. Until the next peep the gas below and one more thing, lets keep going.


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