Sgpwes Goes Crazy in New Visual “Bag”


Underground artist Sgpwes goes crazy in his new visual for “Bag.” Dropping his first project “Luna” not too long ago every single song is a hit but “Bag” has this energy that can’t be matched. Starting off the EP with this track set the tone right from the start. This hectic beat comes on and Sgpwes goes insane over it. Being repetitive and delivering with melodic mastery he shows you exactly who he is. While the song was crazy the video was on another level. The effects and editing for this video was a whole entire movie. Keeping you drawn in you feel like you’re tripping while at the same time you just finished a 4 pack of Red Bull. Directed by Damien Wayne he did an outstanding job with it all but we can’t overlook what Exrtgreen did with the VFX. With that being said Sgpwes stunned the world with “Bag”. 




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