Sleepy Hallow Dropped The Cleanest Video For “Deep End Freestyle”


Sleepy Hallow has been on a rapid route to success and with a new video for “Deep End Freestyle,” and it seems that he’s not slowing down anytime soon. The video for “Deep End Freestyle” seems to have a similar viral capability as the song, sitting at close to two million views on YouTube. This cut has gone crazy on TikTok lately, although there are plenty of fans who are hip from other means of media. This shows that he’s got a balance in his marketing, he’s not just experiencing surges on one platform. It seems like the video was shot during quarantine; the opening shot was a woman with a mask on, his homies were wearing medical gloves, and the streets of NYC (that he rolled around in a Rolls Royce) seemed relatively empty. Nothing’s stopping him, not even the government-mandated rules. To no surprise, Sleepy Hallow has continued his ascension to the top of the NYC rap scene and beyond, come see for yourself in the link below.


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