Slimelife Shawty Debuts Album, “Better Living”, Executive Produced By Lil Durk


OTF’s Slimelife Shawty, a personal favorite of mine, blessed the world with his new album, Better Living. The Atlanta-native put his heart and soul into 14 new tracks tied together with Shawty’s melodic and raw lyrics. The project, executive produced by Lil Durk, features tracks like “Suit Me Up”, “Trenches”, and my personal favorite, “Slatt Bizness”. The latter of the 3 tracks I think has a lot of hit potential with its unique hook “Give my dog a ‘uh’ and he gon’ er er…”. Better Living best displays Shawty’s growth as an artist, and the cover art is a great representation of how much Slime has matured. Don’t get it twisted, we still hear plenty classic, heartfelt Shawty jams throughout the album.

Overall, the album is special to say the very least. Slimelife Shawty delivered exactly what he needed to in order to establish himself as an artist. As a fan, I’m happy to add a few of these to my playlist. As someone who works in music, I respect Slimelife for taking this step in his career. This will continue to add to the narrative that this young man is building a stellar catalog, so stream it all below.


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