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I like where I’m at with things, but satisfaction is a trivial part of life. You have evolved over the years, hopefully into something better than the previous, and you’re still pursuing what you’ve wanted from the start. Or have you? As time continuously ticks away we are losing precious moments and watching others play the game is one of the saddest predicaments.

See I used to be a big piece of shit, and I’d like to think I’m not now, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hope those who are really tapped in get the reference, but 7-10 years ago I was steadily fucking up. Xan after xan, followed by a night with no sleep, then to pick myself back up I dropped the addy in a coffee and went to class. An astounding way to waste my early twenties, but I was young, dumb, and heartbroken. Though I was essentially digging the hole deeper for myself, no one could have stepped in and could make me stop. I had to make that choice.

Did I probably do irreversible damage to my body and psyche? Yes. Does that kinda suck? Yeah, it does, but I think about where I was every single day. What I chose to do instead of chasing after my passions makes me so disappointed in the past, that I actively strive to change with each opportunity. What I’m really getting at is that it’s up to you, don’t be a piece of shit, and people can change.

Pangeaux, Logan Sherrick & E The Profit – Chopsticks

Pangeaux represents Newport, Kentucky and his sound isn’t what you’d conventionally think would come from that area. This crooner pairs with Logan Sherrick and E The Profit for their laid-back wave titled “Chopsticks”. Produced by James Heaton, we are engulfed with airy synths and a bounce from the percussion, even before the bass arrives. Pang sets the scene, with Sherrick following with quick-witted quotes and E rounds it out with an astounding set of words for the congregation.

This young man represents another side of Kentucky and Newport alike. Pang possesses this soft-spoken confidence that shows he’s not afraid to make art his way. With an eclectic pallet for music and how to translate inspiration into his own, Pangeaux is a special artist with an abundance of talent for the years to come.

Tommy Richman – Star Girl

Tommy makes music for the people and he can’t be stifled by those who aren’t artistically inclined. In these visuals for “Star Girl” we see a theme reminiscent of ET, just with a VA-bred twist on it. These artists from the East Coast and Virginia especially, possess a drive that you don’t often see. Tommy is here to prove he’s one of the best to ever do it. Tap into this Cowboy Humor Production above.

Uglyboy – Codependent

Ugly is a wonderful soul who pours emotion into his art. “Codependent” is a meld of many genres, but whatever you deem to categorize it as, just give Uglyboy his respect. A bit rough around the edges, but I think that’s what draws the listener in, you can hear that he’s laying it all on the line. Take a stroll inside this one above.

Langston Doobs – The Floating World

This one was sent to me by a good bro and I am thoroughly impressed with the energy. Doobs doesn’t fret about overthinking things, instead he focuses on the feeling of the art he creates. In just ten cuts we hear Doobs win over new ears around every corner. “Woah” starts things off emphatically, but the waves that stood out to me were “Paper Rocket”, “Atlanta” and “Bahama Mama”. Perhaps it’s because of his beat selection, but after indulging in this project you will leave with that auditory thirst quenched. Langston Doobs might just be onto something, so tap into this one above.

Kadoleaf , Bert Knox & Tookhozy – Should We See Each Other Again?

These spring days are coming to an end and we fiend for a soothing set of tunes to live with. Bert Knox, KADOLEAF and tookhozy all pool their talents and gift the world five cuts of pristine quality. “G Train” is full of bounce and soul, feeling like a great song is supposed to feel. “Dallas Winston” is a bit more ominous, but the Ye-inspired snare gives off Graduation vibes. Donnie Killjoy is the only feature on here, but he shows out with a brilliant guest appearance. Overall this is worth taking the time to listen, these boys showed out.

Geller – Boring Life

I’ve heard the name Geller rumbling through the alternative realm, but after taking the time to delve in, this guy is fire. “Boring Life” is anything but that, showcasing a variety of emotions coated in a smokey atmosphere. I guess you could consider this Pop, but I think it’s vastly more complex than traditional labels. Truly blown away on this one because I don’t see much of a ceiling. Geller might just be the next big thing, so tap into it above.


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