Sorry We Slept: YT Is A Problem Out Of North East London, Peep His Smash “Arc’teryx”


People are really going to doubt the powers of TikTok as far as music discovery goes and it’s astounding, but guess what? This fat boy has caught numerous gems from that site and regardless of your opinion it is a great place to peep new waves. Though I did peep that this came out in March, we thought we’d bless our readers over here with what we’ve found. YT has a number of quotables throughout his cut “Arc’ teryx” but this will have you dissing Patagonia til the death of you.

Taking PluggnB across the pond, but we hear an added auditory element. This London accent is quite mental and it adds to the cohesive wave, unlike the southern twang that dons upon this style of production. From start to finish YT flexes on the world touching on his varietals of linens. Whether it’s from the booth or a quick flip off Grailed, he’s getting to it. I have no idea where Mayfair is, but if they have lobster, I’m in. Peep the gas below.


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