South Carolina’s Pyrex Pryce Links With Danny Wolf For The Brilliant “Free Will”


It’s 2020 and melodically driven music is at the forefront. Everyone wants a song and set of chords that will be stuck in their brains, at least until the next high comes around. Though, with Pyrex Pryce, we hear a infinite amount of potential and talent even this early in his career.

With beautiful piano keys and percussion provided by the legendary Danny Wolf, Pryce takes this upbeat production and turns it into a smash. Pryce has a relatively smooth tone, making it easy for the ear to follow and digest. I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear this cut pounding in your speakers over the next few months. Some people hear the greatness and some will overlook it, but here at Daily Chiefers we can damn near read the future. Tap in with Pyrex Pryce below.

Art By JayDotB


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