Suge Knight Arrested & Charged With Murder



Marion aka “Suge” Knight, co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records, was arrested and charged last night with murder following a hit and run that was caused by an altercation between Suge and the victim. Yesterday in Compton, Suge Knight pulled up to a commercial shoot for a movie, that involved both Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, where he was then asked to leave by security –which he then proceeded to fight the two gentlemen.

After the altercation, witness reports say that Suge got back in his car, put the vehicle in reverse and ran over three men, one of which suffered fatal injuries. Some reports eeven say that he went back-and-forth several times.

After running over the man twice, Suge fled the scene of the crime. Suge then turned himself in for questioning where he was officially arrested and charged with murder, with his bail set at $2 million. Wow.


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