Taylor Gang Is Surrounded By Dimes in “Oh Wow” Video


Look at that, Pittsburgh strikes again. Today, Taylor Gang members Wiz Khalifa, Deji, and Feezy have too much fun in their new music video for “Oh Wow.” You can see the trio turn up poolside with dimes and fifth’s throughout the music video, turning the video to an absolute movie. Feezy opens up in a Rolls Royce letting the hook roll off his tongue effortlessly.

At the time of writing, I asked a colleague for his opinion on the track, “I like the hook in the song” he said, “it’s very catchy but it’s not too repetitive.” The beat is not the normal “Taylor Gang” type beat but nonetheless they kill it. It’s something different, it reminds me of the “Plug Type Beats.” TGOD didn’t skimp out on this video either, you’ll notice the transitions happen throughout the video, which adds to the overall cinematography. We can credit Flamingo House for that. Lavish lifestyles, ladies, kush, and a big ass pool. If you didn’t read anything else, that’ll sum up the video for you. Check it out.


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