Taz Money Flips An R&B Heater On It’s Head With His Visuals For “Damage”


I know I’m not the only one who truly loves when these rugged artists remix love songs. And then the subject matter completely transforms, allowing the listener for a brand new perspective a second time around. Today’s case is for Taz Money and his Floridian flip of H.E.R.‘s record, which is electrifying to say the very least.

With these visuals shot by Herve Mompoint, the sky illuminates Taz and his friends in a number of lavish whips. With the city as his backdrop, this rising crooner showcases how versatile his approach to music can be. Coming off the momentum of a recent release titled “No Luck”, this is a great opportunity to showcase the diverse stylings of his talents. He can rap with the best of them, but when it’s time to catch a tune, that’s no issue at all either.

In the current day and age of music, musicians have to be able to pivot and cover all the bases. Whether that’s from a production standpoint, fashion, or even the visual realm they choose to reside in. Regardless, Taz Money‘s “Damage” is a refreshing approach to the street’s sound, so peep the gas below.


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