Teezo Touchdown Made Me More Of A Fan With “I’m Just A Fan”


Am I a fan of a fan? Teezo Touchdown has been an artist I’ve consistently covered for almost a year now. With his stellar style and charismatic persona, Teezo is a star in the making. “I’m Just A Fan” shows his songwriting and musicality has grown bounds and makes me excited for even more new music. The record personifies a fan to a relationship (either romantic, friendship, or fandom). I love the metaphors used in the record, but the harmonies are immaculate. I have never heard Mr.Touchdown sound so confident on a record.

The video gooooooeeeessss crazy. You have a room full of fans, and Teezo‘s body is CGI animated and moves In an uncanny fashion. He has skinny legs (that are supposed to fan stands) and giant shoes; the aesthetics are fantastic. His arms pick up speed the further you move into the video. I’m just a fan, and I’m ready for more Teezo.


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