Terrance Leon Gifts Us His Sultry Set Of Sounds Called “Go Shawty Go”


Austin, Texas isn’t usually known for its R&B prowess, but in the case of Terrance Léon we have a strong exception. “Go Shawty Go” is an infectious trip from start to finish. The subtle strings that build around Léon‘s gentle tone accent the aerated wave. Though there is a great deal of balance between the instrumentation and Terrance‘s vocals.

This gives off an ode to the early 2000s as far as lack of pitch correction goes and it’s simply because Terrance doesn’t need any help. This young crooner stays within a calm and collected pocket allowing the listener to be taken for a ride. There isn’t a reason to overcomplicate things when the talent is top-tier, so do yourself a favor and peep this gas below.


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