That Mexican OT’s New Track “Ridin Dirty” Blends Old School and New School Texas Rap


Since releasing his remix of Peso Peso‘s Texas classic “Hardest Ese Eva”, That Mexican OT has been someone that I’ve been intrigued and impressed by. Rappers whose music is dominated by super fast, rapidity rap flows can often come off as corny to me.

However, OT‘s unique blend of authentic storytelling, bubbly energy, a love of 90s and early 2000s rap, and machine gun flows have garnered a die-hard local fanbase that is growing rapidly. His new track “Ridin Dirty” has a vintage Texas feel with its gospel sample and a D Green video that’s chock full of low riders. OT‘s lyrical gymnastics are also on full display as he switches his flow from bouncy to breakneck in a matter of seconds.

Make sure to also check out his last song “Pimpin Platinum” ft. Drodi where he juggles two beats and several different flows for an absolute banger.



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