The Best Of Natenumbaeight’s Freestyles This Year


Say what you will about Nate and his number of stylings, but this man has developed with each glimpse at virality. It’s bigger than just RT’s and likes, Nate puts the team on his back and galavants into the endzone. From “Baby With An AP” and “SophiaMethod”, to “AstroWorld” and “NFTFreestyle”, this sheer entertainment shines from the chandelier.

His out-of-pocket delivery is what the fans yearn for and with every pop culture or worldly moment, it makes you wonder how this man will approach it. For all the nature lovers you can peep the “BearWeekFreestyle” which goes great with some pourage. Or how could we ever forget the terrifying “30DaySleepFastFreestyle”, a real-life look into a man’s psychological deterioration.

Regardless of the hullabaloo, Natenumbaeight is a historian applying a more palatable format to laughing through our pain. “ShouldaWentToJohnny” destroys his opp, “OneArmFreestyle” gives us a taste of where it all started. This is unfiltered creativity at its finest, shout to the Percaholics and head over to Nate‘s media tab for more unrelenting gas (hopefully everything hits DSPs eventually). Merry Chrimuh you wench, we’ll see you in 2022.

NFTFreestyle, SophiaMethod, 30DaySleepFastFreestyle


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