The Face of the New Generation – Dro Kenji



As the music industry continues heading down an effortless, seemingly over-saturated path, few artists stand out. One of the few innovative, upcoming artists who you may or may not know by now, Dro Kenji, continues to build his empire. Dro Kenji has been through all the transitions we’ve seen in mainstream music over the last several years. The difference is, Dro Kenji, seems to adapt, as a real artist. From the Sad Rap era, the poppy-sounding bounce music, to the craziest rage music, Dro Kenji has done it all and made some of the best quality music you’ve never heard over time.

Artists like Dro Kenji only seem to come so often, and to be able to adapt over all these years, means you have to love music. It’s impossible to ignore the help of the legendary teams behind Internet Money/MiraTouch & 10kprojects that have helped Dro Kenji over the years. It’s equally important to note that these teams won’t work with just anyone. Taking a trip down Dro Kenji’s discography will be worth it, don’t miss out.

Just last week, Dro Kenji released his second single of the year “ARSONIST”. “ARSONIST” is all about Dro Kenji’s love for toxic women, comparing himself to an arsonist. Dro Kenji explains liking his “ho*s arsonistic”, and “narcissist”. Dro Kenji sings that “her boyfriend hate me cuz his freak bi*** want my di**”, going on to say “I love that sh**” over and over for the hook. This song can’t be overlooked, Dro Kenji has been making insane music for quite some time now, make sure to give “ARSONIST” a listen below.


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