The New Face of New York Drill: Kay Flock


The King of The Bronx, Kay Flock, is back again with another heater that’ll have you spinning the block on your imaginary opps. Right now, in NY you can’t go to a single place without hearing rising creative Kay Flock. As much of the drill attention in the city has shifted from Brooklyn to the Bronx in the past year. You can see so many similarities between the influential 2016 Brooklyn Drill scene and the Rising Bronx movement now in 2021. Kay Flock continues to shoot 100% from the field with the drop of “PSA.” His aurora and passion for the music is unmatchable. Each video you scroll through you’ll see heads jumping and dancing like crazy, giving an energy and feeling that makes you gravitate towards the music even more. Flock carries a sonic presence that’ll turn heads in any setting you’re playing the track in, his voice is something similar to a demon. Infused with “in your face” punchlines that’ll have you pushing 130 in your moms civic. There is not a single NY drill artist going harder than Kay Flock right now, with the city behind him, Flock without a doubt is going to be one of the biggest Drill Rappers to come out NYC.


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