The Olympics Suck, Shout To Sha’carri, Here’s Some New Music.


The world is in shambles. We are punishing people with bright futures for smoking weed and instead of actually fixing these problems the public has the audacity to blame a young woman for mourning the loss of her mother. Sometimes I look at all of this going on and it fucking ruins my mood. People don’t want the right thing to happen, they just want their thing to happen. Past my brief rant there, this is another example as to why music is so important. It numbs us to the nonsense right outside our doorsteps. We look to these sounds to soothe and heal our souls in a realm of such pain and frustration. I love music because it keeps me somewhat sane and I think we’re all just hanging on by a thread. Anyway, there are some shining sounds below, enjoy them and try to have a good day.

100yrd & Ngeeyl – Battle Of The Bands

100yrd and Ngeeyl team up for a brief, yet brilliant two-pack entitled Battle Of The Bands. The production features additional help from Condo and BUKU!, but 100 runs point and makes for an impeccable set of sounds. With DJ Rennessy hosting this pair, the intoxicating waves are fuelled by a potent beverage. “Man Down” builds off alien-like synthetics, all while Ngeeyl floats through the air. “Dirty Dan” is my personal favorite of the two because of the arrogance that fills the room. 100 is one of those producers who’s incredibly overlooked, but his sound will be around for a long time, so peep this gas above.

Surf Gang – SGV1

Surf Gang is the most exciting collective of 2021. The momentum they have built over the past 6 months is incredible and just fucking really sick for lack of better words. With Perks and Giane gaining their respective notoriety, this project allows for BabyxSosa, Bobainee and Mohbaretta have a chance to shine a bit more. Of course, there’s Casper, but the rest of the team really showcased how they talk their shit too. If you saw how crazy their show was over the weekend then you truly understand how this team is about to change things.

This isn’t corporate, cookie-cutter bullshit. This is real emotion and energy, from some kids trying to put their friends on. In these 15 waves, you hear a diverse auditory pallet of sounds. Personal favorites for me are “2 Much Going On”, “6am” and “Crash Land”, but there isn’t one song on here that sounds out of place. From our perspective, it seems as if this collective moves as a unit. Their production is damn near flawless with settings sculpted by Harrison, Eera, Tommytohotty and Evil Giane.

A great thing to note about this project is the number of registers that each voice resides within. The bellowing bass of Perks‘ tone, melded with Sosa‘s angelic, tender touch, followed by the soothing drugs in Casper‘s voice. Pasto Flocco, jdn, and Harto Falion all dropped off their lustrous talents as well, adding to the rich soundscape even more. This shit is just the beginning of the legacy, so tap in above.

Van Buren Records – Lil Haiti

Van Buren Records is riding for Brockton until the wheels fall off. Luke, Meech, Felix, and Jiles ran the court on this one, showing some love to their Haitian lineage. With production from their in-house maestro Ricky Felix and Roho, this unwavering percussion intoxicates the ear. Then while you’re in a daze, each jab to the jaw connects from these wordsmiths.

We have to applaud any grouping of musicians that put a great deal of time and effort into their visuals. But it’s not surprising that these gentlemen are here to deliver a full-spectrum dose of greatness. Van Buren Records will be gifting this music to us for a long time, don’t be late to the party.

Natenumba8 – BB Belt

The day has come, please rise, remove your hats, and pop that 10 for the new national anthem. “BB Belt!” produced by BMG, will go over heads of those who don’t have an IQ higher than 130. Sir Nate of the great state of Florida makes music for the people. It’s about having a blast and not letting anybody tell you what to enjoy. While the sun hits the BB, you are blinded and rendered useless. Now it’s all up to Nate to decide your fate, but luckily the man is in a kind mood today. You are free to leave, but always remember that he’s watching from the ZAZA clouds in the ominous sky.

Rounding this one off, we have a special double dose of heat from Nardo Wick. This rising Jacksonville star is humble, but his music is the complete opposite. Unwavering aggression melded with a smokey tone makes for a complete sound unlike any other. “Pull Up” has some production from Nick Mira which is impressive in itself, but Nardo doesn’t get outshined. In this exclusive interview with us, we wanted to avoid the negativity surrounding his city and focus on the fruits of his success. Shout to Nardo, we love when artists are kind people even when the music terrifies the public. Mr. Wick is going to continue the run until the wheels fall off, so tap in above.


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