The Rising V Vol 7: Never Stop Searching


You all know the drill at this point. My favorite 5 picks that I’ve found in the last few weeks. I’m not gonna lie this month has been pretty dry in terms of tunes that have really had an impact on me. That being said I still think these 5 tracks are extremely fire and anyone that reads this should tap in with all of them. Not wasting any time today let’s get to it.


SaintLR was a name that stood out to me off the rip. His melodic delivery over an intricate Jersey beat in the track “Position” is absolutely insane and will have you getting sturdy wherever you’re at. I’ve linked “Position” down below, check it out.


Thrax might be one of my favorite names on this list. His track “Yeaaa” is extremely catchy. He drops some great bars and production by Zodiac is incredible. I’ve been blasting this tune on a consistent basis, you should to.


When I first heard Antxnio my soul literally started floating out of my body. His track “Wish You Well” should be crowned the official Pluggnb anthem. The vocals are insane, and shoutout my boy Oliver Easton for this insane beat. Check it out down below.


KidClipse is goated, literally. Catchy melodies and a soothing voice mesh together perfectly to create masterpiece tunes. His track “Goated” is damn near perfection. I’ve got a lot of faith in this kid. Check out “Goated” down below.


I realized we don’t cover enough UK artists here on Chiefers, so let me introduce you guys to Fimiguerrero. This track “100 Degrees” is sonically enthralling, all the way from the beat to the melody to the vocals. Everything about this is just amazing. I have no more words for this tune, just trust me and check it out.


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