Three Of Philly’s Surging Stars, Miles Chancellor, Benyeji & RICHRICK All Team Up On The Video “Swish”


We love finding budding talent that hasn’t hit the world, and yet again here we are at Daily Chiefers with some heat you haven’t heard of. Miles Chancellor, Benyeji and RICHRICK join forces make their incredibly simple, yet genius cut “Swish”. The chorus is very easy to digest and remember while each member of this trio snaps in their own respective style.

As far as the production goes, this futuristic sounding set of percussion allows these guys to let their creativity flow unhinged. Manny Laurenko and Yxshi snapped behind the boards, while Kyrios Brown handled this direction. With some additional help on the direction of photography, Gabe Rosenfield stepped in with the assist.

Beneyeji starts things off, while Miles follows and RICK spazzed at the end. We’re here to bring you art that isn’t over-saturated and fake. This is authentic Philly music and shows a huge amount of potential. Stay tuned for more work from these guys and we’ll talk to you soon.


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