TJOnline and grouptherapy. Close Out The Year With Introvert Anthem “Untitled”


LA based art collective grouptherapy. recently came out with their most recent single “Untitled”, allowing TJOnline to come to the forefront, the first time we’ve heard him on a track since their April 2022 single “Sweet”. Having had a strong year with their project Truth Be Told as well as standout single “sweet”, “Big Steppa” and “Brand New”, “Untitled” feels like the perfect way to close out the crazy year that has been 2022.

Having originally leaked on YouTube at the end of 2020, “Untitled” served as a quarantine anthem for many boasting the catchy hook “I don’t wanna go outside no more!” Although the hook carries an energetic and upbeat sonic, TJOnline is really reflecting on the deep topic of growing up and facing the reality of many places in your daily life that may carry some memories you’d rather forget or relationships gone sour.

TJOnline’s musical ability is unmatched, having written, produced and performed his two most recent singles, and showing his mind and ability cannot be contained and he won’t be boxed in. Make sure to check out “Untitled” below.


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