Treasures Of The Timeline: A Glimpse Into Gunner Stahl’s Forgotten YouTube


The timeline blesses those who seek it’s treasures and my oh my, have we found a time machine to much simpler times. Stumbling upon some old footage of a Two-9 Fourth of July celebration, a deeper glance made me realize that I was on Gunner Stahl’s old Youtube page. GunnerStahl29 consists of 61 different videos dating back to August 8th of 2011. Stahl has been on the scene for nearly a decade, but his work and resilience has landed him in his current elevated situation. The last upload to the channel was on March 31st, 2014, a FatkidsBrotha’s “Discreet” official video that will remind you of yesteryear.

Footage from early Two-9 tours, skits of Nevabitch, music videos and cameos from Chance The Rapper, Juicy J, Robb Bank$ and even Lil B. If you’re a real student of this music and wave, then you understand how influential this time was. All of these vids are rugged and real considering that Gunner was really on the front lines with his shots. Vhs frames of the iconic American Deli and clips of the gang skating make for an intimate glance into the world of young Gunner.

To see these artists in a light we rarely get to see them in, is what many music fans dream of. We see such an prominent group of musicians just kicking it together and enjoying the ride throughout life. It reminds us that each of these success stories had to start somewhere and the journey is full of unknown turns. If Two-9 would have blown up into a supergroup, instead of taking their solo routes then this channel might have had some serious traffic. But none the less, to see Curt, Dom, Ceej, Jace, Johnny, Reese, Osh and Key in their younger days makes me reminisce a bit. 2011 was a pure time, full of uncertainty for the future, but everything turned out pretty solid.

Now in 2019, Stahl is a best selling Author, shoots just about any high-profile celebrity when he has the chance and has a Carti “Cancun” video in the stash. The world would lose their shit if Gunner ever decides to drop it, but he also understands the enigmatic legacy of Carti. Stahl knows he is a true cornerstone for documenting this culture, and there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon. Take a deeper dive into the channel if you choose, there’s plenty of videos to quench your thirst.


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