Trestil Continues To Build Momentum With His Latest Smash “Switchin”


Trestil is a star, so let’s get that out of the way. 2022 has been quiet for him, but his releases are nothing to be ignored. I think this is a time for his hyperpop-infused sound sprinkled with some rage elements to be shown to the world.

“Switchin” is really a soon-to-be smash and I knew it from the first time I heard the cut teased on the Tok. With the vivacious instrumentation, this uptempo wave creates a lush pocket for the listener to enjoy from. The subject matter of the song definitely was inspired by a past relationship gone awry, but the bubbly undertones show to us he’s dealing with the issue just fine. You can tell that this kid is having fun, so why don’t you do the same and get acquainted below.


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