Trevmas Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon


We’ve come across many genres in such a short span of time. Being introduced to Jersey club, rage, drill, there seems to be a sound for everyone. A not-talked about enough sound would be one called hyperpop, sometimes known as digi-core. We’ve seen artists erupt from this genre such as Midwxst, ericdoa, glaive, and many others. An artist that will join that list with time is one by the name of Trevmas, hailing from New Jersey, making noise with his unique vocals and insane punchlines. We had a chance to chop it up and now we get to share a more personal side of Trev.

EY: You’re honestly one of my favorite artists as of now. Who is trevmas for those who don’t know? What should people know about you?

Trev: I am a 22 year old from New Jersey just having fun with music. I always told myself I’m doing music because I enjoy it, and if anything else comes from it then that’s just an added plus. Even though it’s all good fun I do take my craft very seriously, and I feel like I’m getting better every single song. They should know that I’m about to be a mechanical engineer

EY: That’s amazing and I can agree, you’re progressing through each release. What was your upbringing like? What led you to be a mechanical engineer out of any career fields you could’ve chosen from?

Trev: Mom and pops are very supportive and have given me a lot of guidance. They told me to aim for the highest degree so I’m not limited with what I wanna do in life. For now I gotta find an actual career and hope that the music gets some traction so I can do it full time

EY: With your music being as good as it is, I can almost guarantee it’ll make you a living but it’s great to have that degree as well. How long have you been making music? When did you discover that you should start taking music more seriously?

Trev: I’ve been making music since sophomore year in high school. I didn’t start liking my music until around sophomore year of college. That’s when I also started gaining some more traction and taking it more seriously.

EY: If you were to describe your sound in one word, what would it be?

Trev: Energetic/ Fun; I’ll let you pick out of those two.

EY: I was first introduced to your music from the song “Gut Check.” Explain how this song came to fruition. I mean the melody and flow is amazing. What was the creative process behind that?

Trev: A lot of my songs have a chorus that relates to something in my life. This song came after a not so fun battle with pink Whitney on Halloween. Felt like I needed to get my gut checked after. Everything else was really freestyling and flowing with what I think sounded good on the beat

EY: Pink Whitney is never something to take lightly as I’ve known from experience. I understand you’re in a collective called Lockhart. Describe being in there along with those guys. What’s it like to be in a collective with a bunch of talented people?

Trev: I’ve bounced around a lot of collectives over my course in the scene. They’re all awesome, but Lockhart is my most recent. Everyone is so talented and I’m really just blessed to be able to make good music with my friends. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. We’re really just a bunch of friends from the scene and I think that adds so much to our music. We already have this built-in chemistry

EY: Being in Lockhart, what’s something we can expect from y’all as a collective? Cyphers, tour, etc?

Trev: Idk if I’m supposed to say, but there will be something in Chicago late march. I will not be attending because it is a hike from nj, but I will be on the upcoming songs and cyphers

EY: Who are you inspired by when it comes to making music?

Trev: I look to my friends for inspiration. Early on I listened to a lot of ericdoa, but now I think heygwuapo is one of my favorites to draw inspiration from. He does everything himself and makes every song sound good. People like aldn and midwxst also fuel me. They were my friends before they were where they’re at, and seeing where you can get makes me wanna go 10x harder

EY: I know we mentioned Lockhart earlier and they’re your friends but who else would you call your friends in the scene? Who has helped push you to be a better artist?

Trev: Funeral and Vasto are big influences for me. I can turn to funeral for any advice and he’s always got me. Vasto has drastically helped me, it seems like vasto always has my best interest. Even gave me the vocal preset I use to this day

EY: What are you currently on in regards to music? Another single soon, a project?

Trev: I have another single already loaded for February 24th. There is a possibly collab ep with funeral produced by elxnce coming later this year

EY: Besides making music, what else do you do in your free time besides school? Any hobbies?

Trev: I like thrifting a lot. Either to find something cool to wear or to sell to make some extra cash.

EY: What kind of mentality do you have when it comes to the music scene to be in the position you’re in now and to make it farther?

Trev: Just keep creating. Keep making music and adapting. I know I’ll progress with every song

EY: What’s your dream collab and why?

Trev: Sofaygo just cause I’ve been a fan of him for so long. I love his style, especially his older sound and I think we’d sound good together on a song

EY: What are some goals that you have for yourself this year?

Trev: I wanna hit 500,000 streams this year and build up my Spotify monthly listeners. I’m at 1k right now but I’d like to be up around 5k

EY: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2023?

Trev: You can expect some good ass music the rest of 2023


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