Vibe Out To Lovsky’s “Impatient”


Lovsky is a new name on our pages, but I have a good feeling this won’t be her last appearance. You may be hip to the duo she’s a part of SRNDR who has steadily been making waves this last year. With Lovsky handling the vocals on this one and Chase Aaron handling the production, the two let loose an amazing new track titled “Impatient.”

“I wrote this song when Chase and I had just started working together and he was in the middle of finishing his album SRNDR. I was smitten by his soul and developed a deep crush. As we grew our friendship, I knew I had to surrender to the present and let go of expectations. This unfamiliar experience inspired me to write from the perspective of already being his woman, so Impatient turned into a canvas for my daydreams and desires. Funny that all of my words came to fruition and we established a band named SRNDR, as lovers.”

The track is one of a kind and is absolutely worth the listen. So, do just that and enjoy!


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