Vic Mensa – Did It B4


After premiering the video for the first official single from his upcoming project a little over a week ago, Vic Mensa returns to bless his fans with the MP3 download of his song, ‘Did It B4’. If you haven’t already, watch them dissect Vic Mensa’s brain in the video right here. If you’re a producer, Vic has also released an acapella version for you guys to fuck around with which you can grab here.  INNANETAPE dropping soon.

Side note: Mensa has announced a week and a couple days ago that the Chicago band, Kids These Days, has made an amicable decision to disband.  Sad news, but let’s be thankful for all the music they’ve given us over the years.  You can also check out some of Mensa’s latest raps on their final project release, Traphouse Rock.


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