Watch Zubin’s Long Awaited Music Video for “Woke Up” Featuring Glvsshouse, Dek Amazing, and Koi


Producer Zubin has finally dropped this long awaited music video for “Woke Up” featuring Glvsshouse, Dek Amazing, and Koi. Ramping up to have a major year, this song is the start of something special. Connecting with Koi to make the hook he gives us his signature sound with very catchy lyrics. Hearing Dek bring a collective flow for the first verse he displays his talents well. Lapping back to Koi for the hook we then get to hear Glvsshouse show why he’s one of the most talented artists out right now. Showcasing his outstanding voice, there’s truly nothing else like it. 

For the video upcoming videographer Declan Kyle directed it. Having a distinct style and improving with every video, the work done for this one catches everyone’s eyes. Following Zubin throughout the video we have a visual story to follow. With that being said “Woke Up” is a hit, go check it out now. 




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