We’re All Geeked Out Now That “2 Alivë” Has Finally Arrived


It’s not February, its smooktobër and raps favorite geeker has finally dropped the long awaited 2 Alivë. I wish my byline could read “Luh Court” for this specific article.

It’s been quite the journey to mainstream stardom for Yeat, as well for his fans. For far too long, Youtube music reviewers will lead you to believe that Yeat (and artists like him) have nothing to say. It’s 2022, it’s time to stop dubbing songs and artists you don’t initially understand. At Daily Chiefers we’ll forever fight for artists who deliver their message, especially as uniquely as Yeat does.

Yeat just dropped a 20 song masterpiece filled with trippy beat and the most clever punchlines you’ll hear. Although Yeat has been around quite a while, this is his first release wit the backing of a label… so if you’re a TikTok bandwagoner I’ll allow you to say you’re “early” on Yeat. Listening to 2 Alivë kicked in the nostalgia in my heart and it truly reminds me of the Finally Rich by Chief Keef, and the Self Titled Playboi Carti days. When an artist like Yeat comes around you have to take advantage of when they’re flushing music out at these crazy rates cause once Yeat gets to a certain level of stardom, who know when we’ll hear from him?

There’s so many songs to talk about on the project, from the YSL cameos by Thug and Gunna, to the 15 songs where Yeat slides and belts out the most unearthly ad-libs I’ve ever heard; I think Joey and Brick would honestly ask me to trim the article down had I even attempted to go track by track.

Yeat‘s a star, whether you like it or not. For one he’s personable, he keeps fans involved in all releases, he’s even birthed his own lingo for all fellow Twizz’s like myself. He’s different, you can find another Yeat from the past, but rest assure Luh Geeky clones will spawn over everyone’s feeds within the next two years. Lastly the music is just great, there’s no advanced vocabulary that could encapsulate the run that Yeat has been on, its just great.

I kindly ask that all the “real hip hop” nerds to get a grip, and allow themselves to enjoy something great while it’s in front of them. Tap in.


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