Wolfacejoeyy Continues to Build His Crazy Fan Base with “Buku” and “Skye”


    Nigerian-born, Staten Island native Wolfacejoeyy has been creating quite the fan base since we got hip to him a few years ago on “DND.” As he continues to climb the mountain hill, Joeyy has really impressed us with his latest string of singles which includes “Shake It,” “Game,” “Soho,” “Luxury” and a plethora of other records including his latest All Your Fault EP.

    Recently, Joeyy has seen success on TikTok with his two most recent singles in “Buku” and “Skye,” and they both seem to be only getting more exposure. With both songs seeing massive usage on the app, let’s not forget that Joeyy‘s music is made for the masses not just TikTok, and it’s apparent that he’s continuously focusing on building a real fan base. You can see it. Recently, he announced that he was working on his project with 22, producer/actor Michael Rainey Jr., which I think has us all excited. Until then, check out “Buku” and “Skye” below. You’ll thank us later.

    Bonus record with Midwxst:


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