Worry Club Explores a New Digital Sound on “Vince Vaughn”


Worry Club‘s new track “Vince Vaughn” combines Frank Ocean‘s “Nikes” with Hyperpop to bring you one of Club‘s most eye-catching songs to date. We’ve gotten small tastes of Worry Club‘s lead Chase Walsh diving into the Hyperpop realm on his hit song “Japanese”. However, even that song was more on the mellow, indie side of things.

“Vince Vaughn”, on the other hand, is a dense and eclectic mix of pitched up, “Nikes”-esque vocals and a slow, electric guitar-laden instrumental. Halfway through the song, Walsh‘s voice and the instrumental suddenly stray out of tune.

An interlude from the movie Swingers (starring Vince Vaughn of course) wanders into the song and serves as a transition from cutting-edge indie to Hyperpop. Chase‘s vocals suddenly explode as a crescendo of booming baselines and abrupt video game sounds zoom across the soundscape. This hard left from Worry Club‘s usual songs was easily one of the most tasteful and interesting incorporations of distorted vocals and Hyperpop that I’ve seen in a while.

As someone who’s still trying to decipher the Hyperpop wave, Walsh was able to lace his personal troubles anxiety fit perfectly with the off-the-wall digital staples of this new genre. “Vince Vaughn” is below!


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