Xhulooo is One of Atlanta’s Newest Stars and Proves it with His “Suburban” Visual


Atlanta’s music scene is more diverse sonically than perhaps any other regional mecca, as the traditional trap and soul styles that first put the city on the map have been continually warped for decades as so many artists and producers have contributed in one way or another to this innovation that it’s difficult to pinpoint just a few as the main catalysts.

The segmented scene is divided many ways but one of the easiest ways to navigate the various sides to the scene is to look at it by age, and very few artists have as great a hold on the city’s youth as Xhulooo whose consistency and instantly recognizable voice make him an obvious frontrunner of the new generation. His new visual for “Suburban” is yet another great track under his belt, brought to life with a wonderfully shot visual accompanied by crispy animations to complement the energy Xhulooo brings in his performance. Bakkwoods produced the sanguine instrumental and has been instrumental himself in the development of many of Atlanta’s hottest new acts and clearly has a knack for both artist development and catering to the subtleties of each artist he works with. I definitely personally will be adding this track to my playlists and would suggest you do the same and Xhulooo is on my short list of artists to have a major mainstream breakthrough in 2022.


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