Yoshi Flowers Gifts His New Set Of Frames For The Song “7 Days”


In a world of monotany, it’s beautiful to see some artists going out of their way to make music that sounds like nothing else out. Detroit’s own, Yoshi Flower is on his way to becoming a household name, and his strong sense of identity makes his music standout from the pack.

In these shots for the incredibly catchy “7 Days”, we see Flower cruise on his bike and clean up his room to impress the woman he’s interested in. With his bottom grill gleaming, Yoshi’s precise and gentle vocals accent this simple instrumentation. Directed by Josh Flores, this is more than a simple video for 2020. This is taking things a step further and giving the viewers something that will hold our attention throughout. It did just that and we can’t wait to hear what Yoshi brings to the people next. Peep his new album I Will Not Let My Love Go To Waste and tap in below.


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