You Need To Hear Lil Mexico’s Latest Single


This week, Lil Mexico blessed his fanbase with a brand new song, “Makin Moves”. As always, it’s an energetic vibe from Lil Mexico, with the beat and his vocals creating an inimitable bounce to it. Lil Mexico has emerged as one of the best rappers out of South Carolina, and it’s not for no reason. The young rapper has had his sound perfected for a while now, and ever since, he’s been releasing banger after banger. In a way that never gets old, he maintains an understanding with his fans: they know exactly what type of quality they’re getting when listening to a new track. That degree of consistency has solidified Mexico a notable role in the southern Hip-Hop community. “Makin Moves” is everything we love about Lil Mexico. He’s on a roll, showing no signs of slowing down. Check out the latest from one of South Carolina’s best, and stream “Makin Moves” below!


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